Some articles:
Tijdloos (2011)
For Lovers (2010)
Goed Gevoel (2009)
Individual session

Talking while working on a canvas based on whether or not "related" material (images, texts or other) unravels knots in yourself, influences and encourages your touch with reality.
Psychological junction, stress, difficult decisions, bereavement...

Your own work of art in one day

We work in small groups.
Just bring some newspaper articles, pages from magazines, copied images or letters, pieces of fabric, etc. to fix on the canvas. All the other materials like canvas, paint, brushes, ... are provided.
Besides the very surprising technical results, it is a very relaxing and positive experience. At the end of the day everybody takes home a finished canvas.

Workshops are organised on weekdays as well as during the weekend.

Team building and / or communication techniques

Depending on the objective we can promote the team spirit and cooperation among colleagues working together on one or more paintings, based on whether or not business-related texts, pictures and logos, ...  You can find additional informationhere.
Specifically aimed at training modules being team building and/or communication techniques accompanied by Carla Torhoudt and a trainer, where practice and theory are complementary.
Afterwards the paintings are hung in in the offices.

For more information you can always contact me on +32 499/39.33.34 or by email:

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